Puritanlabs is a research-based, innovation-driven organization offering a comprehensive range of Contract Research, Medicinal Chemistry, Custom Synthesis & Analytical Services. Our global customers span a diverse origin varying from Pharmaceutical, Agrochemicals and Biotech developers and manufacturers, to Academic Research organizations. We work with a wide range of small molecules including active pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceutical intermediates, drug intermediates, drug metabolites, drug analogs, analytical standards, reference standards and certified reference materials, chemical intermediates, chemical standards, and pharmaceutical impurities.

Swiss-based Organisation’s affiliated with a global footprint and resource dedicated to ensuring long-term success.

Our team is committed to simplifying the outsourcing experience with exceptional customer service while ensuring transparency, accountability, and reliability in terms of cost and delivery. Every project is a privilege, and our team compromises nothing to provide an efficient and unparalleled outsourcing experience.

Our scientists are skilled in performing complex, multi-step synthesis and solving difficult chemistry-related problems. Based on our integrated and centralized operation and low overheads, we can offer prompt quotations, very competitive prices, high-quality products, and expedited delivery.

Our core team continuously maintains in-depth industry knowledge and experience to deliver a broad class of chemistry services, ranging from hydrophilic to hydrophobic compounds, to regular Medicinal Chemistry type Building Blocks/Clinical Leads/Focus Libraries. Furthermore, we also have expertise in the synthesis of natural products and their analogs, as well as isotope labeling (D,13C, and 15N). Our chemists are well versed in asymmetric synthesis emanating from chiral pool/chiral auxiliary/chiral catalysis approaches.

Confidentiality Agreement


For your convenience, please find below a downloadable Microsoft Word document of Puritanlabs standard Mutual Confidentiality Agreement (CDA). Please make any modifications and email the document along with your contact information to the attention of Business Development at bd@puritanlabs.com.

A signed version will be returned to your attention by email. Once Puritanlabs receives the counter-signed CDA by email, the agreement is considered fully executed and discussions and/or a technical package review will commence under confidentiality.